Justin Bieber Valentine’s Day Contest

January 2, 2010

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If Justin Bieber is involved in your Valentine’s Day wish, then we’ve got news for you–win this contest and you’re gonna get a bouquet of roses delivered to you by the singer himself. That’s right, you will meet Justin right around the special Valentine’s Day holiday and he will be living up to his song, ‘One Less Lonely Girl.’

In fact, it’s that Bieber song that caused him to partner up with 1-800-FLOWERS to offer fans the opportunity to get a special bouquet of red intuition roses with a card from Justin – and of course, all proceeds will go straight to charity.

Planning to enter the contest?  Tell us in the comments section!

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1,709 Responses to “Justin Bieber Valentine’s Day Contest”

  1. KittyKay121 Says:

    I LOVE YOU JB! I’m justin’s absolute BIGGEST fan and i want to be his girlfriend SO bad (youre so mean to me selena) please, please, PLEASE pick me! i must have justin!


  2. carolyn harvey Says:

    i love justin bieber so much i was ganna go see him play when u did but my dad want his way and my mother want her way iam justin bieber bigst fan i have everything of justin bieber


  3. Lauren Says:

    Justin I live in Monument Colorado and my parents don’t have enough money to see you live in concert I am your biggest fan ever and I would love to get flowers from you on valentines day it is my dream to meet you and hang out with you I love you soooo much and am desperate to meet you soooo much love you
    from your biggest fan in the whole entire world Lauren:)


  4. natasha Says:

    i would love to get flowers and card from my favortie singer justin bieber


  5. jada jefferson Says:

    i need thses tickets , my sister loves him and so do i and my grandma nor my mom have the money to buy the tickets


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