Victoria Justice: Photoshoot with Drew Barrymore

July 2, 2012


Victoria Justice teamed up with Drew Barrymore recently and no, it wasn’t for an acting project.

Drew is a great photographer and has been shooting recently for V Magazine. As part of her series, she’s photographed Victoria Justice, Amandla Stenberg, and Isabelle Fuhrman, among others.

So what was it like working with a veteran in the entertainment industry? Victoria tweeted, “She was the coolest! So much energy & a blast 2 work with. #LoveHer”

Check out Drew’s photographs below!

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2 Responses to “Victoria Justice: Photoshoot with Drew Barrymore”

  1. jaden Says:

    i love u guys like jade roby and the poppet and ondrae and the other people


  2. SnakeEyes Says:

    I remember when Drew was hot. Victoria Justice is so much hotter. She reminds me of the mannequins on the Fashion Fantasy Game.


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