Victoria Justice and Co-Star Avan Jogia Spotted Together In London

May 2, 2010

Victoria Justice and Victorious co-star and BFF Avan Jogia were spotted in London together. This is a pic of them walking to the “tube” (the subway) station to go to Harrods for some shopping.

Victoria Justice and Avan Jogia in London for a shopping trip

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6 Responses to “Victoria Justice and Co-Star Avan Jogia Spotted Together In London”

  1. lydia Says:

    oh my victoria justice i love you so much im from africa and should i say im
    your biggest fan

    please reply back
    thanks sincerly your biggest fan

    iheart you so much
    though i dont essaclly know everything about you but i still love you so much and my brother says your crazy but i still love you


  2. Lucy Says:

    <3 ya avan. u r one HOT bff. :P u guys r so best friend jack moved to austraia…sniff…i miss him so much..neva take ur friendship for granted. eva! n also..i love you avan!!!! :) (cudnt help myself)


  3. ricardo luna Says:

    hey victoria u belong with me i love u and your the prettiest girl in the world


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