Tyler Posey Recalls Meeting Taylor Lautner & His First Movie on “This Is How I Made It”

November 9, 2012


Tyler Posey is opening up about his road to fame in a new episode of MTV’s “This Is How I Made It.”

In the episode that premieres Saturday, November 10 at Noon, Tyler talks about his first big acting gig and meeting Taylor Lautner.

“After the movie [premiere of 'Maid in Manhattan,] my older brother was crying because he was so proud of me. And I really thought about it and I was like, ‘Wow I’m doing something really really cool.’ And I was definitely proud of myself and I honestly think that mentality at such a young age has humbled me,” Tyler said of how his first big acting break opposite Jennifer Lopez in “Maid in Manhattan” shaped his career.

Did you know that Tyler auditioned to play another werewolf once? Yep, he auditioned for Jacob Black! “When I auditioned for Jacob Black I was 16. I auditioned with Kristen Stewart and I was very excited because I was a fan of her. I saw Taylor Lautner at all these auditions and I knew that he was auditioning for “Twilight” also. And I remember I saw him at an audition a few months after that and I was like ‘Hey man, what have you been up to?’ and he was like ‘I was filming ‘Twilight,” and that’s when I found out I didn’t get the part.”

It turns out he saw Taylor at a lot of the same auditions. “I would see this kid at auditions all the time and I knew him… We grew up in the same town. And eventually we became friends and started talking, because I literally saw him at every single auction. It was Taylor Lautner.”

So when did Tyler really feel like he made it? “The first time I really felt like I made it was when the billboard for ‘Teen Wolf’ came out and I drove there with my mom and my best friend. I sat there for a little bit and I just looked at my face and really let it soak in…’Teen Wolf’ was the first role that I’ve ever really been a part of that I wasn’t a typecast. It makes me feel good that they think I’m good enough to carry a show. They put a lot of faith in me and trust and I hopefully did good in their eyes.”

Be sure to watch more of Tyler’s story this Saturday!

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