Taylor Lautner Talks About The “Wolf Pack” From New Moon

August 11, 2009

MTV caught up with Taylor Lautner at the Teen Choice Awards and spoke to him about New Moon and specifically about the Wolf Pack. Here Taylor explains the structure of the Wolf Pack in relation to his character.

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One Response to “Taylor Lautner Talks About The “Wolf Pack” From New Moon”

  1. Laura Says:

    Can’t view the clip but I already kind of know the pack because if clevver tv, didn’t even know about this website and I love it gets lye of info on the people I want to hear about and it’s so easy to look through. Anyway can’t wait for the film jake looks L U S H! LOL his 8 pack is an extra gift he had given allot us girls to view! Looks so much better when he had his normal short hair but wouldn’t say no when he’s got long hair LOL! In the film I would rather have Edward over jake because over the over protectiveness but in real life I would have Taylor over Robert because of ehat I have seen of them in their normal lives Taylor seams to be a down to earth loving kind of guy that cares about people and there feelings, but Robert seams to me that he thinks that he is over the top cutie but I think that he is to far up his own but to see that he’s only who he is because of Edward Cullen, no one give him this much attension when he was in harry potter did they, NO! So for me it’s Ed over Jake but Taylor over Robert sorry guys but that’s my view on things from over hear in England so write another comment to get a reply of anyone has a problem with what I’ve said and I’ll send another comment back! Bye LOL! :)


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