Full Eclipse Clip From 2010 MTV Movie Awards

June 6, 2010

What did you guys think of the new Eclipse clip from today’s 2010 MTV Movie Awards.

 I think we are ready to see the movie now.  No more clips and trailers, its time to see the movie!

Can’t wait for June 30th!

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12 Responses to “Full Eclipse Clip From 2010 MTV Movie Awards”

  1. shoes Says:

    I appeared to be happy to find this particular web-site.I want to to thanks for your effort with this amazing read!! I ACTUALLY absolutely enjoying every little it and I had you bookmarked to look at fresh stuff you post.


  2. Laurence Says:

    omg im so exited to see the movie!!!!!! only 19 days left!!!! can’t wait!!! :) :):):):):):)


  3. teamcullen Says:

    i love eclipse but the movie is way different from the book


  4. nikita Says:

    loved it!! i like that its not exactly the same as the books, coz if it was we would know what exactly what was going to happen, i like to think that its somthing that could of happend in the book, deffo cant wait to c this !!!!


  5. Eclipse_girl Says:

    What do all of you expect from the films!! I Love the whole twilight series my favorite is Eclipse. But is obvious they are going to change the sequence of the scenes, because if they show every single scene from the book then we will just have to seat and watch a documentary.

    So just SUCK IT UP!!
    if you ar going to keep complaining DONT SEE IT!!


  6. jelly Says:

    this makes me mad!!! i mean its a good scene but that didnt happen in the book! and Bella hurting Edward wen she did that! did u see his sad face wen she left with jacob?! it broke my heart to see his sad face!



    ♥ that clip, even though that doesnt happen in the book… its still a good clip!



  8. Enner Says:

    Anyone noticed that Edward looks older since Twilight, well getting off the subject, Why in The hell would Bella get on Jacob’s Motorcycle, That does not happen at all, at least not in that scene, My point is that they are screwing up the series and the Sequence of the movie!


  9. Eclipse Says:

    woow. OMG i can`t wait for june 30th!



  10. Maday Says:

    Bella does get on the motorcycle with Jacob but not in that scene in the book! She gets on the motorcycle with Jacob when Edward is away hunting! They’re messing up my second favorite book! If they f**k up Breaking Dawn I’ll be pissed!


  11. Kristin Says:

    Thats sooo stupid! In the book bella doesnt even get on the motorcycle with jacob and leave! WTF!


  12. JacobsGirl Says:

    AHHHH!!! :D
    GO JACOB!!!!..who am i kidding?.? GO JACOB AND TAYLOR!!! :D
    he’s improved soooooo much since twilight….in many different ways…lol :D


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