CLOSE-UP: Bella’s Wedding Ring Photo From ‘Breaking Dawn’

September 7, 2011


New photos of Bella and Edward getting up close surfaced today from The Twilight Sage: Breaking Sawn Part 1.  The photos add to the excitement building for the first movie and feature our first up close look at Bella’s wedding ring.

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7 Responses to “CLOSE-UP: Bella’s Wedding Ring Photo From ‘Breaking Dawn’”

  1. Lizzie Says:

    Maybe they had to flip the photos for copyright and junk


  2. tosh Says:

    thoughts r gr8t pic and i cant w8t but that is all we get to see i no u dont want to show alot but come on 3 mo 3 more mo im so happy but u guy r not really puting breaking dawn out there 4 people to see gust really big fans whatever i just hope we can see more


  3. Amini Durantes Says:

    is’nt that het engagement ring?why is she wearing it on her right hand and where is the wedding ring?


  4. amini Says:

    why is the ring on her right hand?and that is her engage ring anyway,the wedding ring is the same engage ring?


  5. Beth Says:

    This Ring Is The Same As The Engagement ring So I Dont Think It Is The Wedding Ring ??


  6. Jane Castro Says:

    So gorgeous ! But why is the ring on the right hand ?


  7. Leslie Says:

    So just curiosity…is there a reason that her wedding ring is on her right hand??


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