Breaking Dawn Not Filming In 3D

September 23, 2010

We are getting word via Gossip Cop that The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn films will not be shot in 3D. Shooting movies in 3D is a popular trend these days, but the source behind the Gossip Cop story says that the possibility that the final Twilight Saga installments would follow suit was purely “fabricated.”

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6 Responses to “Breaking Dawn Not Filming In 3D”

  1. meg.alfieri Says:

    i want it in 3D to get the whole efect of bella’s shield projection and everything like that it would look sweet in 3D


  2. JacobsGirl Says:

    haha thank God!!! I hate 3D soo much!! Even though it would’ve been nice to see Taylor’s six pack in 3D…. :D


  3. Rylie Says:

    Oh, thank God. The movie will be so good that is doesn’t need the 3D mark on it. Plus who would want to see Renesme’s birth in 3D, that would scar people for life.


  4. Ca5M Says:

    thats great dreaking dawn does not have to be in 3d. it would mess up the whole movie if it is in 3d.


  5. nicole Says:

    i’m thrilled it is not in 3d it just gives me headache and they always try to hard to make things come at you.


  6. WandaZ Says:

    i am happy it not in 3D it doesnt need it


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