Aro Interviews Alice

January 14, 2010

ashley-greene-interview-magazine-photo-shootAn extensive interview with Ashley Greene, a.k.a. The Twilight Saga‘s Alice Cullen, will appear in the upcoming issue of Interview magazine.  Her interviewer?  Her very own co-star Michael Sheen, a.k.a. Aro.  To the right is from her new photo shoot for the magazine, and here’s a peek at the article:

MICHAEL SHEEN: Okay. This is my first question. This is the only really serious one, and then the rest are quite funny. The first one is: As an elf, raised by humans, have you found a lot of discrimination against the fairy folk here in Hollywood?

ASHLEY GREENE: Well, I think they’re just jealous that I sparkle and speak elfin and have cute little pointy ears.

SHEEN: It’s true.

GREENE: So, yes, there’s discrimination. But I really don’t care.

And on a more serious note:

SHEEN: Do you feel pressure every time you go out because you know that there’s a high chance that someone’s going to take a picture of you walking down the street? Do you feel a pressure to not dress in jean shorts and flip-flops?

GREENE: There was a moment in time where I was kind of having this mini-breakdown because it was all very new, and it was all being thrown at me really quickly, and I was going, “Why are people reporting on this? Why do people care what I’m wearing or what I’m eating, and why are people looking down on me because I’m not wearing high heels?” That’s the downside to being in the public eye. When girls come up and say, “You’re my role model,” it’s really flattering, but it’s also really scary because I’m not perfect and I’m going to make mistakes. I’ve just decided that I have to continue to live my life and do what I do. Hopefully, people love me because of who I am, not who I pretend to be.

You can read the whole interview here.

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