Stephenie Meyer Stalling Breaking Dawn?

January 11, 2010

edward-bella-running-new-moonSo there’s still no director for Breaking Dawn — although rumor has it Summit Entertainment wants Chris Weitz to come back — and there’s no word on when it might film.  According to E! Online, the reason for the delay might be that Stephenie Meyer can’t decide whether or not to let Summit break it up into two films.

“Stephenie is calling the shots,” our mole tells us, “and she still can’t decide whether or not [making two movies] is the right thing to do creatively.”

Deep Twi insists that everything—including splitting Breaking Dawn into two films—is run by Meyer (after all she penned the friggin’ thing). …  “Meyer isn’t in it for the fame. She hates doing press, and she doesn’t want to be recognized for anything other than her work, so what’s her incentive to drag [the book] out?”

Of course, we’re assured she does want to please the fans, but isn’t four films enough?

Summit is doing its best to “politely inspire” Stephenie to greenlight the two-flick route. For them, double the work equals double the money.

The whole thing sounds a little fishy.  For one thing, Summit owns the rights to the series; I haven’t seen the contracts, but I don’t know whether they would even need her approval.  (Of course, going against her wishes would probably be a total PR disaster.)

But more importantly, Stephenie said a while back that Breaking Dawn is such a big book that she didn’t think one movie should do it justice.  So why would she not be sure now?

If she is worried about whether two movies is “the right thing to do creatively,” then the solution is for her, Summit, and screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg to sit down and figure out exactly where the book would be broken up and how to construct two separate story arcs out of it.  Isn’t that what they should have been doing all along?

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6 Responses to “Stephenie Meyer Stalling Breaking Dawn?”

  1. kia of bedford Says:

    I am no longer certain where you are getting your info, however good topic. I needs to spend some time studying more or figuring out more. Thanks for magnificent info I was in search of this information for my mission.


  2. Lexi Blaikie Says:

    Ah personally think that breaking dawn should be cut into two movies. The first one could be from the beginning (obv) to th end of jacobs book. Then the second film could rsume with bellas new life. this way you can get more info into the movies. And its more exciting.


  3. BiBBi Says:

    Hi, I think i should be cut when jacob see Renesmee, that would be really exciting!


    • Rose Says:

      I totally agree, there is too much information in Breaking Dawn for it to be one film because I don’t know about all you other fans but I would be really dissappointed if they cut alot out… which they would have to, to get into to fit in one movie. When Jacob sees Renesme would be a logical cut because that is where his segment of the book ends… so I’m hoping Meyer gets over her qualms. :)


  4. Andrea Says:

    Hey i think it should be cut when jacob see renesmee it would be great


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