Rob and Kristen Make Another Year-End List

December 17, 2009

robsten-empire-outtakeRobert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have popped up on another one of those “Best/Influential/Sexiest/Interesting People” lists, this time from Time magazine and called “People who Mattered.”  It suggests that there hasn’t been a more famous on-screen couple since Titanic, and I’d have to agree:

It’s been at least a decade since we had a pair of authentic, shriek-inducing, catch-me-when-I-faint teen idols on our hands. But suddenly, OMG, they’re back. What makes the stars of the Twilight series so idolizable? It’s partly that ineffable combination of dirtiness and innocence: they’re sexy, but they’re not sexual. They’re also not generically beautiful. God knows they’re hot enough, but they look interesting too. Intelligent. Slightly askew. You don’t just want to look at them or sleep with them; you want to talk to them. Like the vampire Pattinson plays onscreen, you can see that once upon a time they were merely human, just like us.

It’s a surprisingly complimentary write-up for a news magazine; just goes to show that the cast is popular and respected beyond the Twilight fan world.

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2 Responses to “Rob and Kristen Make Another Year-End List”

  1. twihardgirl Says:

    i love twilight! its like the best movie ever!!


  2. charlotte Says:

    je teme edward


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