David Slade Says Eclipse Wolves Will Be More Realistic

December 12, 2009

twilight-saga-eclipse-logoThe Twilight Saga: Eclipse director David Slade is still holed up in the editing room, but he tweeted some pretty interesting info on Friday about how Eclipse might differ from New Moon:

Wolf reviews today, looking better & better. The Eclipse story and they way we approached the film calls for a much more realistic approach.

That says a lot in just two sentences — namely that he didn’t consider the computer-generated wolves particularly realistic in New Moon, and (presumably because of all the battle sequences in Eclipse) they’re aiming to make them look more like real wolves this time.

Do you think that’s the right approach?  Or would you rather all the wolves looked identical throughout all the films for the sake of continuity?

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One Response to “David Slade Says Eclipse Wolves Will Be More Realistic”

  1. Lee Says:

    The wolves in New moon looked great as long as they look enough like the ones in New moon, so we can still tell who is who it shouldent be a problem.


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