Kellan Lutz’s Dream Roles

December 11, 2009

Kellan LutzKellan Lutz talked to the Dish Rag at a recent Young Hollywood party and revealed two different movie franchises he’d love to be a part of after The Twilight Saga.

“I’m making this checklist as an actor,” he confided. “Right now I just really want to be part of the Bourne franchise and the more I say that, maybe Matt Damon will read it and it and maybe I can play his brother.”

Well that’s a no-brainer.  I’m surprised I never saw it before, but you could tell me Kellen Lutz is Damon’s long-lost little brother and I’d believe you.  Kellan looks tough enough to appear in a Bourne movie, too.

And the other one?

On the heels of his co-star Taylor Lautner’s move into the teen superhero flick, “Max Steel,” Kellan wouldn’t mind some super powers himself very soon. “I’d love to be ‘Captain America’ someday.”

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