What Will Taylor Lautner Tackle on SNL?

November 30, 2009

Taylor LautnerAfter the announcement that Taylor Lautner will be hosting Saturday Night Live on December 12th broke a couple days ago, the inevitable next question is: what will the comedy sketches be about?

There’s got to be some kind of Twilight Saga: New Moon parody, of course.  If I had to guess, it will poke fun at the fact that he’s shirtless so much.  And they also almost have to mention Taylor Swift’s shout-out to Lautner when she hosted SNL last month — she blew him a kiss and mouthed “Hi Taylor” in her opening monologue.

MTV suggests three ideas: a New Moon parody in which Taylor plays Bella (“Taylor splashing through a fountain and running into the arms of [Edward] would be fun”); a “Cougar Den” sketch in which a bunch of 40-year-old women fawn over Taylor; and a sketch about Taylor morphing into a werewolf and ripping off all his clothes accidentally.

Can’t argue with that last one.

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