Robert Pattinson says Edward is More Famous Than He Is

November 22, 2009

Robert PattinsonI guess even some people at the venerable Time magazine are Twihards, because they interviewed Robert Pattinson along with everybody else.  In speaking about getting cast in the first film, they ask a question that I’ve often wondered: would the series have gotten so huge if any of the cast, Pattinson especially, were different?

Casting Edward was crucial to the franchise. What did Catherine Hardwicke see in you?
I don’t know. I was a little intimidated by Kristen [Stewart] in my audition. So I played it like a guy who is beating himself up a lot about everything. I don’t think anyone else did it like that. I think they concentrated on the confidence aspect. If you read the book, you know he’s the perfect man, ideal man. If you’re a guy, you have certain ideals about what you think is attractive. And that’s why I didn’t go into it for ages, because I thought I’d end up being silly in the audition. I’d be posing. I guess I tried to ignore every aspect of the confident hero of the story. And I played the extreme opposite. It didn’t end up being that in the film.

If they had cast anyone else as Edward, would the franchise have been as successful as it is today?
I honestly don’t know. No matter how famous I get as an individual, it’s always evened — or even surpassed — by the fame of Edward Cullen. That’s got to mean something. I don’t mind that. That’s just the way it is.

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3 Responses to “Robert Pattinson says Edward is More Famous Than He Is”

  1. emily Says:

    and Taylor is not a dick he is way better than rob


  2. emily Says:

    omg i think hes famous more than edward and its kind of weird i mean they are the same person so how could one be more famous than the other lol that doesn’t make seance what does he have a multiple personality disorder


  3. MIRANDA Says:

    lovvve robert pattinson and edward !
    screw jacob and taylor, those guyes r dicks !
    common, i mean taylor has practising af what he s gonna say, tis always like:
    “oooh, i looooove u fans, it’s aaaall because of u that i’m here 2day, u all support me so much, i don’t desirv it!!”
    Yeah right, he things as himself as som kinda god r somting ?

    U R NOOOOT A GOD U R A DIIIICK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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