Lots of New Moon Reviews Rolling Out Today

November 19, 2009

twilight-saga-new-moon-volturi-posterMany, many Twilight Saga: New Moon reviews were published today, a lot of them very positive.

Entertainment Weekly gives it a B+, saying that director Chris Weitz goes for an “appealing, old-fashioned look.”  The Washington Post says the performances are “uniformly strong, especially by Stewart.”  Even the hard-to-please New York Times really likes the Volturi scene, especially Dakota Fanning, who has “real bite.”

If you’re looking for a review from the perspective of an actual fan, you’ll be pleased to check out this one from the The Twilight Examiner, which comes with the headline “Surpasses All Expectations.”

Just remember that no movie can have universally good reviews — and these movies are made more for the fans than for critics anyway — so don’t take it too personally if you come across a negative one.  What matters is your own opinion.

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