Taylor Lautner: “The Hardest Part was Eating”

November 17, 2009

Taylor LautnerSome more footage has come out from the Twilight Saga: New Moon interview that Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner did on Jimmy Kimmel.  (You can see the first bit here.)

In it, Kimmel asks Taylor about bulking up to play Jacob in this movie.  “The hardest thing, actually, was the eating,” Taylor said.  “I mean, getting to the gym was easy because I was motivated.  [But I had to be] constantly eating.  Eating a lot, but also, putting something in my mouth every two hours.”

This, of course, gets a big scream/cheer from the audience.  All three actors laugh.  “Good one,” Kristen says.  “Nice.”

The entire interview will run on Kimmel on Friday.

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