Eclipse is Doing Well in Post-Production

November 15, 2009

twilight-saga-eclipse-logoWhile New Moon director Chris Weitz and his actors are out doing nonstop publicity this week, fellow Twilight director David Slade is very far removed from all the glitz — he’s been holed up in an editing room for the past week working on the first cut of Eclipse, which he’ll continue to do for the next few months.

Giving an update on Twitter, he said:

1st week of Eclipse director’s cut (we get 10) goes really well, spent a lot of time getting visual effects going, still a good solid week.

I’m pretty sure he means that he gets ten weeks to finish the first cut of the film.  After that, there will no doubt be a lot of studio input and the effects will be gradually put in as they get finished.  But it’s good to hear that things are moving along!

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One Response to “Eclipse is Doing Well in Post-Production”

  1. MaggieRose Says:

    Wow… Talk about 300 MPH. I also think that he won’t release as much as Chris Weitz did… Oh and Dana I heard you were going to be in NY on November 20… You want to go with me? I live in NY! LOL.


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