Kristen Stewart Looking Exquisite

November 4, 2009

This lovely shot of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson comes from a photo shoot in the upcoming issue of Harper’s Bazaar.  Usually photo shoots dress up Rob in designer suits but give Kristen a grungier or more casual look — but not this one.  I love it because she’s allowed to look totally glamorous:


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16 Responses to “Kristen Stewart Looking Exquisite”

  1. Zoilany Daniella Says:

    Well simply because this photo is spectacular, we can see the grace of Robert towards Kristen. and well I’m a fan of Kristen and I’m everywhere I’m honestly shocked that such beauty, I would like her to see all the things I do for it not to be inaccuracies but that only I can say a hello , really I’ve caught a lot of love to her I love you I love kristen


  2. iram Says:

    kristen looks very hot and gogeus and robert looks so smart cute dashing i m spechless


  3. kristen Says:

    i think she looks better in this photoshoot in the other ones she looks okay.


  4. Camila Rivera Fernandez Says:

    she looks so glamorous very very stunning and Robert looks so handsome and sophisticated exquisit photo but why dont you put the others?


  5. Brenda Paule Says:

    wow! kristen stewart looks like katy perry here it’s so glamorous! exquisite!


  6. ninaaa*** Says:

    OMG! this photo is very very very nice! Kstew looks adorable, and Rob too :)


  7. Amy Says:

    I think she looks amazing.


  8. miffy Says:

    I love it it’s so beautiful and can’t wait to watch new moon I love taylor lautner.


  9. sweety Says:

    WOW!!!!! she looks “BEYOND” gorguoes.. OMG–> DEY LUK SOO PERFECTLY GOOD WIF EACH ODA.. wow!


  10. Berenice Says:

    Wow she looks gorgeous! I love the black ensemble. She and Rob look hot. I know some are saying the black do doesn’t fit her but it does. I like it but I also like the reddish brown too I guess I’m just Switzerland on her hair do.


  11. diana Says:

    i love kristen, and she looks beauitful here, i just rly pray and wish she whould dye her hair back a warm brown. the black is too harsh for her skin tone, and the witht he brown and reddish hair, she looked so much better and alive. the black isn’t working @ all. shes trying 2 hard 2 be different sometimes. also, i think shes just keeping it like this to annoy the public and keep up her i-don’t-care-what-you–say-about-me attitude


  12. Sophia Carr Says:

    Amazing. Absolutly amazing. They look so great together.


  13. Jennifer Le Says:

    Wow! Robert looks very sophisticated and hot! It’s a great photo of them! But Kristen’s hair, in my opinion, doesn’t really go with her face. But other wise, she iz stunning! <3 TWILIGHT


  14. Joanne Says:

    Woow! Kristen looks absolutely stunning!


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