New Moon’s Actual Human Characters

November 3, 2009

Justin ChonMichael Welchanna-kendrick-twilightchristian-serratosBetween the Cullens, the Wolf Pack, and the Volturi, there’s one faction from Twilight that has not gotten any attention lately at all: the humans.  Bella has a bunch of friends who are constantly worried not about blood, full moons, or ancient vampire royalty traditions, but about…high school.

The Vancouver Sun recently conducted an interview with Anna Kendrick (Jessica), Michael Welch (Mike), Justin Chon (Eric), and Christian Serratos (Angela), and it’s pretty good; on the whole they seem a lot more relaxed than everybody else.

Justin: Bella’s really depressed throughout the movie so we really have to bring light to it, otherwise it’s just too dark the whole time.

Michael: Our job is to add a little humour, add a little levity, and just come across as realistic kids in a small town in Washington.

Anna: And I think that there’s an inherent comedy in our blissful ignorance of everything that Bella is going through in the supernatural world. [...]

Michael: It’s funny because I worked with Dakota Fanning (Jane) years ago in an episode of Malcolm in the Middle. She played my younger sister; she didn’t have any lines and all she did was run around trying to bite the Reese character. And then like three months later she got I Am Sam and became a superstar. So I would be really curious to catch up with her again. And Michael Sheen is also just amazing.

You can catch the full interview here.

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  1. Jennifer Le Says:

    HAHAHA i watched that episode! Omg, i really really REALLY love that show so much. i’m sad that it’s over :(


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