Ashley Greene Explains How to Annoy Robert Pattinson

October 12, 2009

Ashley GreeneAshley Greene, the Twilight Saga‘s Alice Cullen, talked to Twilight-Review recently and, among other things, talked about how much fun it is on set to try to bug Robert Pattinson.

It was obvious that the cast seem to be very tight…

AG: We’re all like brothers and sisters, so we’re having fun all the time. Funny stories? Well, there’s a lot. But one funny thing we’re always doing with Kellan, Jack and Xavier is annoy Rob singing Katy Perry or Miley’s songs. We suck as singers, so we freak him out terribly.

So if you ever spot Rob on the street resist the urge to sing Katy Perry or Miley Cyrus.  Probably a bad idea.

In other news, Greene also admitted she’s a total sweetheart to her fans…

What is the craziest thing a fan has done to get your attention?

AG: A boy from Vancouver sent me 111 white roses once. He’s 15. I loved it. He sent me this cute adorable little note telling me I was the best Alice in the world and everything and I loved it. After that he came with his mom to the hotel and we talked. He was a cutie pie. So adorable. He spend all his saved money to send me the roses. How cute’s that?

Okay, so don’t sing to Rob, but do send Ashley white roses: she might invite you to her hotel room to hang out.

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4 Responses to “Ashley Greene Explains How to Annoy Robert Pattinson”

  1. Star Reid Says:

    that is so nice of her!! i bet that made his year!!


  2. Alyssa Croezen Says:

    I (L) twilight!!! I love ashley greene! she does an amzing job at acting as her character alice!!! she is amazin! :D


  3. me me MEOW Says:

    OMG ahley greene rox as alice and she seems SOOOOO nice i cant wai till new moon 2 c way more of her!


  4. sian Says:

    i love twlight and i cant wait till the 20 its looks great
    twlight is the best


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