Should everyone just leave ROBSTEN alone?

September 28, 2009

Robert Pattinson and Kristen StewartOur favorite “maybe couple,” ROBSTEN has been getting an overwhelming amount of media attention as of late. A report coming out of Australia claims that American gossip mag, “In Touch Weekly,” is reporting that “Harper’s Bazaar” will break the ROBSTEN love-affair story in a tell-all article in December. Harper’s is less than pleased with this rumor and states that the story is untrue.

We hear that papps trailing the hot due are so crazy that poor Robert Pattinson can’t go anywhere without a slew of beefy bodyguards. In fact, fellow castmembers like Kellan Lutz feel sorry for the guy! 

So, what do you guys think-should everyone just give the pair a little vacay from the media attention? Or is ROBSTEN your favorite guilty pleasure???? 


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7 Responses to “Should everyone just leave ROBSTEN alone?”

  1. Dita Says:

    leave ROBSTEN alone….
    leave ROBSTEN alone….

    they just want some privacy
    they just human being…


  2. Dita Says:

    Leave ROBSTEN alone!
    Leave ROBSTEN alone!

    they just want privacy, they are human being to


  3. madi Says:

    i think everyone should leave them alone! i just dont understand… itd their business not anyone elses!!!!:)


  4. jonas brothers Says:

    This is a very good read. Im gonna be tweeting this post. Jonas Brothers are awesome!


  5. sassa Says:

    Leave ROBSTEN alone! if they want privacy then that is what they should get, even if you want to know everything they are up to


  6. Gal Says:

    Personally, I think we should leave them alone. If there really is or would be something between them, in the end we’ll know… A little


  7. pia the best Says:

    Poor Rob, o man I love you guy and I really feel sorry for the thng you need to go everywhere with bodyguards. I’m italian so I can’t run after you but I really would like to…love ya all guys…clevvertv the best ever!!!


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