Rob and Kristen Holding Up Two Breaking Dawn Movies?

September 24, 2009

Kristen Stewart and Robert PattinsonFirst they weren’t going to do two Breaking Dawn movies…then they were…then they weren’t…and now they’re considering it again.

According to E!, screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg is now privately locked into writing a fourth movie…but can’t begin writing it yet because she doesn’t know whether to break it in half or not.

What’s more, E! suggests that the reason they haven’t decided yet is because the actors themselves might refuse to do it.  “Most likely what’s happening is Rob ‘n’ crew agreed to a fourth…not fifth.  Once the cast determines if they are up for five, then Melissa can plan accordingly about how to pen out this fourth flick.”

The article finishes by suggesting that Rosenberg should write the first half of Breaking Dawn, but then step aside so Summit Entertainment can hire an “edgier” writer like Diablo Cody (who wrote Juno).  But that would almost be as stupid as Rob and Kristen refusing to do the second half of Breaking Dawn, right?

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12 Responses to “Rob and Kristen Holding Up Two Breaking Dawn Movies?”

  1. Morgan Cullen Says:

    Let me get this straight: Kristen Stewart is a Crackwhore, who’s only doing what Robert Pattinson does? Sounds to me like they want privacy….Well F ‘em! I want a Fourth, fifith, sixth–thousanth movie! SO be your own person Kristen! And yeah Robert Pattinson is really sexy and everything, and I hate Kristen Stewart because she’s acting and treatibg him like she owns them. She a f-ing wanna be!
    Now The aurthor of Twilight is writing Midnight Sun this very moment, and goog god she’s slow! So I think they made a mistake picking Kristen Stewart for Bella. She’s just messed up!


    • huney Says:

      wow someone is really jelous of kristen stewart haha is it because u wish you played bella get a life she is doing a great job quit hating on her loser


  2. Annie Says:

    So caught up imitating the Potter series, the last book itself is trash. After the second book the other two are not so good then Breaking Dawn a total let down. If they break the book in two and film two movies, the fans they had during movies 1 and 2will actually turn against them. Them 14 year olds will grow into discerning fans, as it is most of these fans didn’t even realize it was a love triangle. Most of them kept reading the books to find out what happens with Bella and Edward. Unless they change the ending, and rewrite Breaking Dawn, both movies will be a failure to please fans.


  3. Star Nicole Says:

    i think they should do two movies. why?? because the fourth book was so big that it wouldn’t do it justice to fit all of that into one movie and get it all. but it will be hard to not leaving fans hanging like right in the middle. but yeah. all i know is it will be awesome!!


  4. fran Says:

    Whats the point in doing 5 they can do the fourth book as one film it will just be really long people will still see it even if its like 4 hours, i know i will sit there for hours if i have to


  5. Peter James Ronquillo Says:

    i won’t hesitate to watch, if ever, their fifth movie!!! even six!! as long as i enjoy the movie!!!

    do it gurl!!

    ur the best!!!


  6. angela Says:

    they should do the fifth movie…
    the more,the better…


  7. sassa Says:

    they should really do a fifth movie. that be so cool


  8. noebody Says:

    Why do we need five? Just do it in four! What they are suggesting with Five or Six movies is ridiculous.


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