Edward and Jacob…Corn Mazes?

September 9, 2009

You’ve got to get a load of this.  Black Island Farms in Syracuse, Utah has created their annual corn maze…in the likeness of Edward Cullen and Jacob Black.  The best part is, they actually look like them:


Utah corn mazes and Twilight seem a little mismatched at first…but then again, Stephenie Meyer did go to college at Utah’s Brigham Young University.

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5 Responses to “Edward and Jacob…Corn Mazes?”

  1. leanne Says:

    its amazing what they can create for a corn maze and it proves that someone is thinking outside of the box i remember one year in utah they did the 2 big schools there BYU and Utah University and this year in Idaho they are doing the face of a penny come people get clever!


  2. Kate Says:

    Yeah… I saw it few weeks ago. It is amazing.


  3. Carol Says:

    yay!!!! jacobs is bigger


  4. cherryontopkatie Says:

    someone has to much time on they hands


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