New Picture and Premiere Date for New Moon

September 8, 2009

The latest Twilight Saga: New Moon still photograph popped up today, along with the news that the movie will premiere on November 16th at the Village and Bruin Theaters in L.A.

Start planning your road trips now to catch a glimpse of the red carpet.  And get there, oh…two days early.  Just camp out on the curb across the street, and Robert Pattinson should be able to hear your marriage proposal just fine.

Here’s the photo…


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8 Responses to “New Picture and Premiere Date for New Moon”

  1. leanne Says:

    The still is so cute!i wonder if this where Edward asks Bella to marry him!I love that part in the book!I can’t go to the premier either,but husband surprised me with movie tickets about 2 weeks ago!So I’m all ready for the movie to hit the theater


  2. Team TAYLOR/JACOB Says:



  3. Zuny Says:

    i want to go but i hav skool and theres no wat my prents are letting me i live in delaware


  4. Cally Says:

    Wish I could go I am on Ireland and hve school an my parents would not allow me it is so unfair wish I could go. Will go to the cinema first day if possible or as soon as possible afterwards


  5. sasha Says:

    i live in london and i cant go to LA this season–school. anyways…
    i think that the pic is frm bella’s bedroom–when bella comes back with edward frm italy. i dont know if im right or not. but that’s t my conjecture.


  6. angela Says:

    i love this pic.i can’t go to the premiere cuz i live in the philippines…
    but i’ll definitely watch it on theatres…
    see you all on november!!!


  7. Beckyyy Says:

    This still is awesome! and im so annoyed i cant go to the premier! i live in England and dont have enough money to go to America so i cant go to the premier. That sucks so much! boohoo =’(


  8. Scarlett Villar Says:

    So cute!! they look so charming!! I love it!!


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