Will Robert Pattinson Have a Career After Twilight?

August 24, 2009

Robert PattinsonWell, that depends.  Did you see Pattinson in his independent movie Little Ashes?

No?  Hm.  That’s not a good sign.

E! suggests that Pattinson could end up like Mark Hamill, who played Luke Skywalker in Star Wars.  “Moviegoers had so much trouble disassociating the Star Wars actor from his Luke Skywalker character that he removed all mentions of the franchise from his résumé,” the article says.  Hamill’s movie career basically died, although he found work later as a cartoon voice actor.

More recently, Pirates of the Caribbean actor Orlando Bloom has had a hard time finding another hit movie, and Lord of the Rings’ Elijah Wood deliberately tried to take offbeat roles in movies like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind to avoid being typecast as a hobbit.

Which brings us back to Robert Pattinson.  Not only did nobody see Little Ashes, the reviews weren’t that good.  But he has some other upcoming roles that look like they could work, including Remember Me, a romance co-starring Emilie de Ravin and Pierce Brosnan, and Unbound Captives, an adventure co-starring Hugh Jackman and Rachel Weisz.

And he was great in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, remember?  R.I.P. Cedric…

Will you be willing to see Pattinson as anybody besides Edward Cullen?

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6 Responses to “Will Robert Pattinson Have a Career After Twilight?”

  1. dcammyg Says:

    definitely. he’s very talented and has passion for what he does. He doesn’t just go with the flow doing this and that while he’s very famous and such a hot commodity. he still chooses his movies and the movie quality must pass his standards. talk about quality taste..


    • ashley Says:

      I don’t think i could see Rob as anyone but Edward.
      But how could his career go down-hill he is so cute!
      If there is any girl Director anywhere with a head could they turn him away?
      But i really do hope he finish’s Breaking Dawn with Kirsten!!!!!


  2. ILY Says:

    Definitely no.. I only want him to be Edward Cullen.. I want Rob and Kristen to finish Breaking Dawn.. XD


  3. stephanie Says:

    I seriously don’t kno. I think ppl will always think of him as Edward Cullen a vampire. I think he will get tired of ppl saying that because I mean look he’s already having problems now wiith fans n some ppl always call him Edward n he prolly hates that. He’s prolly gonna get a lot of roles now since every 1 thinks he’s the hottest person in the world but he’s already tired of the fame now n don’t kno how to deal with it… I think he needs to realize he’s famous now n stop with the walkin with the head down thing. I’m surprised he hasn’t lost fans becuz of his ignores to fans. I honestly thought Little Ashes was garbage. He’s gay in that movie n after I seen it I thought it should b burned lmao… but he may be really good in upcoming movies he was good in The Goblet Of Fire but he didn’t really have a big role… hopefully he does good tho the rest of his career but I think he’s gonna hatr being recongized as the vampire.


  4. Bela Says:

    I think he will be able to go above and beyond Twilight, like Leo diCaprio did after Titanic. Because he’s up for whatever role he can get! Little Ashes was a tough character to play, so I bet he’ll surprise his fans, movie after movie. And if he doesn’t, it doesn’t seem like he’s worried at all.


  5. steve Says:

    One compound word: Youngblood. He’s already up for a role there, and if he segues into comic book movies he’s got a career for life. No casting director in their right mind is dumb and / or suicidal enough to NOT cast the guy who helped make Twilight.


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