The First Word on ‘Breaking Dawn’!

August 19, 2009

Robert PattinsonNow that Eclipse has begun filming, people are finally beginning to talk about the fourth and final Twilight Saga movie: Breaking Dawn.

The first thing Summit wants to assure you is that Breaking Dawn will indeed be made.  Speaking to E!, a rep said:

The fans should rest assured the we’re working with Stephenie Meyer to bring Breaking Dawn to the big screen.  As in all creative processes, things take time. We want to make sure we get it right.

Melissa Rosenberg, the screenwriter of all the Twilight movies, also hinted that some of the more extreme aspects of the book — spoilers — like the honeymoon scenes and Bella’s violent pregnancy — end spoilers — will be toned down, saying “Our fans are in the PG age range, and I don’t feel a big necessity to see violence and to see gore.”

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16 Responses to “The First Word on ‘Breaking Dawn’!”

  1. penny Says:

    it will ruin the wntire movie if anything has to be toned down,just keep doing what your doing everybody will love it.


  2. sasha Says:

    That is not a good plan at all. to tone down the violence and bell´s pain is goign to ruin the movie. it

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  3. Rosie McClure Says:

    NO!! these scenes in the movie should not be toned down as they are very very important in the plot… both of the scenes are rather significant for the story… bellas pregnancy has to be violent so much so that her turning… renesmees birth and jacobs imprint give more of an impact to readers and viewers…


  4. xtwiharddotcomx Says:

    NO!!! toning it down will ruin the impact of those very very important scenes!! bellas pregnacy has to be violent otherwise her turning and jacobs imprinting would simply not make a significant impact…


  5. cdngrl Says:

    I really think that Ms. Rosenberg you really need to hear what the fans want and need. Bella and Edward have a truly romantic and love bound relationship and in the last 2 movies it just was not there! As many have suggested that al lthings can be done very tastefully but that message of their true love needs to be felt through the people playing the characters in the movie. So let us have our romance and fantasies please. If you want a PG movie then do a nickalodean movie and hand it off to someone who’s not afraid of romace and love!


  6. glo Says:

    I agree that there are ways to do it tastefully. Those scenes are important to the story and the pain that they are both in is important. You see more sex and violence on tv shows and commercials, geez.


  7. sedelger Says:

    if kids can read the 4th book and understand all that then there parents should let them go see it. besides there parents would prob good with them cuz they have read the book also and want to see it. dont dissapoint fans cuz you think its better.


  8. oldschooltrack Says:

    The pregnancy scene does not need to be toned down and the love scenes need to be stepped up due to a lack of it. This screenwriter has to realize that there aren’t just tweens interested in the Twilight series and making it for just tweens will not do the book justice. The love scenes can be done tastfully without actual nudity. Edward(Rob) and Bella’s(Kristen)chemistry is what carried the badly done twilight so to diminish that would dissappoint your growing adult fan base.


  9. maddie Says:

    Even though im not old enough to see an r rated film i think the film will be ruined if they tone down the pain and gore scenes because these are the scenes in which you really see edwards and bellas pain and struggels as a couple and to tone it down will ruin the effect of the story.


  10. aNNe Says:

    the honeymoon and Bella’s pregnacy are one of the most important scene in the mOVIE, so why toning it down??? many will get disapointed specially those who already red the book. AND I’M SOOOOOOOO EXCITED TO SEE THOSE SCENES!!!!!


  11. Kim Says:

    There’s more to this movie than just those scenes. You have Bella learning how to be a vampire, them getting ready for the Volturi, The Volturi arriving,Bella being able to use her special abilities and Bella getting her fake papers….etc. There is alot that makes this movie good besides violence.


  12. cindy Says:

    I think that the violence scenes and bella’s pain can be done tastefully but it should be told because that is what makes the story so good. It is easy to identify with bella and edward’s pain. I am in my 50′s and I am totally engrosed in the twilight books. I wish that the story didn’t end because it would be nice to see what might happen with Jacob and Renesmee future from their point of view.


  13. sasha Says:



  14. sasha Says:

    that is not a good plan at all. to tone down the violence and bell’s pain is goign to ruin the movie. it


  15. fran Says:

    The viewers arent just pg, there all ages i know 20 year olds who love it, those bits are like the best bits of the book and toning it down will ruin it, its nothing that we all haven’t seen or heard before


  16. veronica byrd Says:

    i ma so lucky that i could watch rated R movies… breaking dawn better be good


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