Robert Pattinson’s Next Move? Ask Brett Ratner.

August 14, 2009

Robert PattinsonWhat on earth could Robert Pattinson possibly have to do with X-Men helmer Brett Ratner?  Well, if the initial word is correct (and you know how shaky this sort of thing can be, it’s just the nature of the operation) Rob’s on the short list to join Ratner in his upcoming adaptation of Youngblood.

You might not be familiar with Youngblood, so some background is in order: it’s a comic book line about a group of government agents with superhuman powers brought together in order to take on threats posed by supervillians.  If you’re looking to blow up a bridge or unleash a horde of zombies on downtown, then Youngblood is the organization you’d be shooting at from your floating mobile weapons platform while trying to buy time for your Doomsday Device to go off.

Ratner, for his part, sees Rob as more than just another vampire, saying “He just feels like he belongs in that world. I don’t only see him as a vampire, he’s a really good actor.”

This could be interesting, folks–keep it here for the latest.

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