Taylor Lautner’s Fave New Moon Scene…

August 12, 2009

Taylor Lautner…isn’t even in the book.

Twilight purists, especially those counting themselves part of Team Jacob, are going to have a serious dilemma on their hands.

Taylor, the driving force of Team Jacob, announced to MTV that his favorite scene in New Moon is a scene specially added featuring Kristen Stewart that was never part of the New Moon book.

At this point most should be downright enraged that their favorite actor is actually championing the alteration of the original source material–it only remains to be seen if the outrage will actually show up, or if Team Jacob is willing to forgive its figurehead for sponsoring the alteration of the original book.

This really is a difficult position for members of Team Jacob–either they support him and permit the change of the book or they drop him and end up, by default, members of Team Edward, who at last count doesn’t favor changing the book to suit the movie.

Team Jacob members out there–how are YOU handling this problem?  Can Taylor do no wrong or has he gone too far?

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One Response to “Taylor Lautner’s Fave New Moon Scene…”

  1. TwihardTwilighter (Fleur) Says:

    i dont think taylor has done anything wrong


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