Could a 6th Twilight Movie Be On the Way? Plus Find Out How to Get a Sneak Peek of Breaking Dawn Part 2

January 17, 2012


Twi-hards rejoice! Could there possibly be a sixth Twilight film?

Lionsgate (home of The Hunger Games) just acquired Summit Entertainment (home of Twilight) and they have big plans which may include another Twilight movie. Lionsgate chief Jon Feltheimer recently spoke to Company Town about the prospect of another vampire flick and he said, “I’m anticipating ‘Breaking Dawn Part 2′ being $700 million-plus in worldwide box office. It’s hard for me to imagine a movie that does $700 million-plus doesn’t have ongoing value. It’s an amazing franchise that they have done a great job of maintaining with absolutely no deterioration. So the simple answer is ‘Boy I hope so.’”

While that sixth movie could be far off in the future, fans looking to get their first look at Breaking Dawn Part 2 are in luck. An exclusive first look at the fourth movie will be played in nearly 500 Targets across the US when they extend their hours on February 10 for special The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 DVD/Blu-Ray parties. Beginning at 11 p.m., fans will be treated to the exclusive world premiere of a scene from Breaking Dawn – Part 2, in theaters this November 16.

To find a participating stores, go to

Do you want there to be another Twilight movie?

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88 Responses to “Could a 6th Twilight Movie Be On the Way? Plus Find Out How to Get a Sneak Peek of Breaking Dawn Part 2”

  1. madie Says:

    I LOVE THE TWILIGHT MOVIES but you NEED to make another movie because ales thought was that Jacob would be a thing with Bella’s dather and Im 10 years old and all of the people NEED that movie all of your fans and Bella Jacob and Eduard if you are reading this PLEASE make another movie for all of us thank u


  2. Layni Says:

    Please make another twilight! I have literally been in tears since I finished watching Breaking Dawn: Part 2… and that was a while ago, 2013! I loved the ending, it was just so happy, but there needs to be more! I would love for the saga to go on forever, no amount of time will be long enough with it, but lets start with forever (quote from the wedding scene)


  3. Amanda Says:

    Yes I would love to see another twilight movie to be called twilight saga crossbreeds about jacob and renesmee get together and end up having a baby and keep all the characters in the other series of twilight please let me know I have all the movies I’m a huge fan


  4. Trevor Says:

    I really enjoyed the twilight series, I’m a twihard. Please please please make another twilight, I absolutely loved the twilight series.
    thank you


  5. noel Lillian Says:

    twilight was a really good film and book i love it so much although i am jut 11.
    I really hope to have more twilight movie coming out!! But better not be about Jacob and Renessme (daughter of Edward and Bella) cause I love Bella and Edward story much much more than Renessme and Jacob! never tired of Twilight .

    Hope to see new Twilight by Lillian


  6. Jessica Says:

    I think them coming back would be GREAT! As for a story line. What about nessy and Jacob are married and having kids. And they decide to COME OUT to the town of forks?! I’m sure the Voltai would have something to say about that!!!


  7. mag Says:

    interesting movie…love it…


  8. Juliet Says:

    I am a young writer and would love if I could write the sixth twilight. It is a marvelous. Series that I would be delighted to continue. Contact me as soon as possible so I can have permission and know because I need to start right away if so.


  9. Wendy Says:

    yes make another one please everyone i know would love to see another one


  10. kaylabronson Says:

    I named my first girl after Bella n I would do anything to. See. It continue


  11. ana Says:

    yes please please please i would love it


  12. leah Says:

    Please do another twilight omg! I have watched pretty much every film and twilight is just the best!!! It would be a shame if you stopped it, because its one of the most popular films and it would just be amazing to keep them going, if there isn’t no more than I’m not watching no more movies, twilight is mainly what I watch the most, I constantly watch it, even if there not as good as the others its still ”twilight” I’d never stop watching them!


    • Phoebe Says:

      They need 2 make more twilight movies. I luv edward and bella in it they r great if another film is made they HAV 2 b in it or it isn’t twilight. They r wht makes it as great as it is.I hav watched evry film of twilight and I am the number 1 fan. Making another few films wud b amazing


  13. Saffron Blamires Says:

    Why will you not do another one??? its like the best movie! im a big fan and i want more!!!!! their could be like carring on from jacob being with the young girl. so please do another one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  14. skyler Says:

    The twilight movies are the best I think there should be another movie I LOVE them the actors and every thing about twilight plz be another one plz


  15. ashley Says:

    There has to be a 6th movie, i just finished watching twilight breaking dawn part 2 and nearly had me in tears. The actors, senes, everything about twilight i love it all. We all need to know what happens next. Jacob and the daughter??? Please continue the series I think every many people would be satisfied to see twilight continue.


  16. Fanny Says:

    Jag älskar twilight!! Edward+Bella=sant 4ever! Jag älskar de ihop på filmerna!! Snälla………. gör en tilL!!!!!!!1111


  17. hannah Says:

    please, i beg you,
    please, please, please…
    Make another one please


  18. julie Says:

    please make another twilight movie


  19. natalie Says:

    Yes there has to be another twilight its a brilliant film and cant leave it like that..
    Can you please bring a sixth one out please its my favourite film so far
    the story has to be finished how the film finished in the 5th one it deverstating when people tell you its the last one. ..


  20. John Says:

    Yes make another one! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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