New TV Trailer For ‘The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1′

October 12, 2011


We’re totally loving the new TV trailer for Breaking Dawn Part 1. It just debuted, and we get to see some of the standout moments from the upcoming film, including a beautiful shot of Bella and Edward looking at each other at the wedding, the much-anticipated honeymoon scene, as well as the pregnancy. We see how it affects Bella’s health, Jacob’s mental state and the whole story between the vampires and the werewolves. As the trailer states, Breaking Dawn Part 1 is set to be “the motion picture event the world has been waiting for.” It’s an exciting tv spot with an ending worth a laugh – especially after the action-packed drama for most of it – with Edward saying to Bella “Oh what’s a wedding without some drama?” Breaking Dawn debuts November 18, 2011. To see the latest TV trailer, click below.

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15 Responses to “New TV Trailer For ‘The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1′”

  1. EmG Says:

    OMG! I so cant wait, alrady have my tickets. I’m exited to see how they will bring the book to life. There are parts I fear they will take out,and if they do it will reuin the movie. The thing with Breaking Dawn is that every moment in the book is importent, which is why i was exited to hear that it would be seprated into two parts. I am very exited to see both parats, and can not wait for Breaking Dawn. It’s going to be the best one yet!!


  2. Team jaward Says:

    Bella is beautiful can’t wait xD


  3. Lizzie Says:



  4. The Ultimate TwiHARD Says:

    “Oh, what’s a wedding without some drama?” ROTFL!!!! That’s different for Edward’s character. Can’t wait!!


  5. Dvonna MIller Says:

    Ah, hopefully its better than the rest of the movies. And those of you who havent read the books, your really missing out.


  6. Christina Renee Stample Says:

    I just can’t wait OMG. I want to know how long before part two.


    • Rachel Says:

      part two comes out November 22, 2012… So we have a whole year to wait!! AH!


      • The Ultimate TwiHARD Says:

        I actually wish that it would be longer. Why would we want it to end so soon? I really wish that Stephenie Meyer would come out with a series about Renesmee and Jacob. That would make my day–Life actually.


  7. phoebe....x Says:



  8. klarissa Says:

    I cant wait for it to come out i curious to see how they fit everything together.


  9. Raisa St Leger Says:

    wow!! this is great cant wait for the moviee!!!!!! <3!


  10. annamauldin Says:



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