New ‘Breaking Dawn’ Photos Released

April 29, 2011

kristen-stewart-440A whole bunch of Breaking Dawn photos have been released! Some of them are courtesy of Entertainment Weekly, and one is from People. The first ones released were of Bella and Edward on their honeymoon, as well as one from the wedding scene in the film.

But the new ones, which will appear in the upcoming EW issue, show Bella and Edward embracing on their honeymoon underneath a waterfall, the Jacob and the wolfpack meeting on the beach, and Volturi leader Aro learning of the upcoming nuptials.

The issue comes out May 6, complete with interviews with Rob, Kristen and Taylor! Get excited! In the meantime, check out all the pics below.

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6 Responses to “New ‘Breaking Dawn’ Photos Released”

  1. bbcullen Says:

    well i am 13 years old and i cant wait till it come here it comes on my b-day yayayay i wish i was kristen i would be the happeest person on in the world ……… he dose anybody no how i could become an atrse i reall want to be just like kristen ……….its my dream i just dont no were to start


  2. rea Says:

    amazing can not be leave it amazing :D


  3. bruce2463 Says:

    WOW!!!, THIS is going to be one hell of a movie,the photo’es tell it all,thank god as a fan i have my D.V.D’ES, TO FALL BACK ON ONTILL BREAKING DAWN COMES OUT.THE TWLIGHT SAGA IS GOING TO BE IN MY HEART ALWAYS..


  4. jessica smith Says:

    heyya i love these photos and i love all the twilight films got the first t5hree on dvd but i am going to see breaki ng dawn in cinimas then when it comes out on dvd i will get i love u guys hope u do good


  5. brucewayne Says:

    the pictures are outragious,when breaking dawn comes out,we as fan’s are in for one wild movie..THANK YOU,TWLIGHT YOU’RE GREASTEST FAN BRUCEWAYNE….


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