Breaking Dawn Casting Update: Teenage “Renesmee” Found?

February 28, 2011

It’s going around town that someone has been cast as the teenage Renesmee in Breaking Dawn.  It’s being reported that Christie Burke will work in a flash-forward scene with Jacob Black. Details below!

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8 Responses to “Breaking Dawn Casting Update: Teenage “Renesmee” Found?”

  1. raziel Says:

    i personly think that if they want a teenage renesmee they should have a teen not a 20 year old i think they should have aditions in san diego to actually pick a teenage girl that has read all of the books and can kinda have a good idea of the role she need to play o personly am a huge fan i read and have all of the books movies and soundtracks shirts and jewlery so if they do have aditions plz contact me to my email i will be happy to but ofcourse it is just aa sugjestion so plz take a notice and think about it (just to make it clear im not trashing her!)


  2. a girl Says:

    I have read all of the twilight books and in breaking dawn there was no teenage Renesmee, WHY DO THEY NEED ONE!?!?


  3. samantha Says:

    well she is good but they could find someone more looking like renesme..:d i dnon’t know..i am not the producer…but i really prefer someone more…like bella and edward..that’s of course is just my opinion..


  4. ena12 Says:

    she´s buetifull


  5. ena12 Says:

    cool & wowch


  6. I4everheartEC Says:

    I saw this in the website of,that Christie Burke would be in a flash-forward scene with Taylor Lautner in witch the two of them kiss. And I agree that she looks like an older version of machenzie foy and has roberts face and kristens eyes… I also saw on pics of robert shooting a scene in vancouver outside in the snow, and a pic of the guy they have cast as “Nahuel”. (BTW, he is sooo CUTE!!!)


  7. Amber Says:


    Christie Burke should definitely play the flash-forward teenager for Renesme. She has the perfect, identical, comparable image to Mackenzie Foy, and I feel has the idealistic characteristics that Jacob would ever look for in the girl he would “imprint” on; looks similar to Bella and in conjunction, carries the exact same scenario that Bella and Jacob do in Breaking Dawn; vampire in love with werewolf (it follows Jacob’s ideal outlook of a girlfriend and follows the story line at the same time… HELLO! lol)
    With that being said, Christie of course has the skin tone and face shape of Edward but has Bella’s hair colour and eyes (EXACTLY the way it quotes Renesme in Stephanie Meyer’s Breaking Dawn; so if anything, why not make it real and according to the way it was written.)
    Between Christie and Mackenzie Roy, if you made Mackenzie wear brown contacts, you’d actually see, indeed, a young child growing in to a teenager right in front of your eyes (there identical DNA is amazing.)


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