Lucy Hale Could’ve Been Alice or Jane in Twilight

September 14, 2010

lucy-hale-savvy-magazinePretty Little Liars‘ Lucy Hale reveals in an interview with J-14 that she auditioned for The Twilight Saga — twice!

“I auditioned for [the role of] Alice,” Lucy says. “I read the books and I wanted to be part of the first movie so bad.”

The role ultimately went to Ashley Greene, but Lucy didn’t give up on her vampire dreams. “I heard about this new role, Jane, who was going to be a part of the second one, and I went for that,” she says. But, alas, Dakota Fanning was chosen to play Jane instead. …

“I love everyone they’ve cast,” she says. “I’m such a believer in everything happens for a reason and it’s all about timing. I like where I’m at right now!”

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3 Responses to “Lucy Hale Could’ve Been Alice or Jane in Twilight”

  1. thisisme Says:

    she was a better alice than ashley. ashley is to tall for alice.


  2. twilightlover Says:

    OMG, I hadn’t thought of that! She just needs a little more redness in her curls… but she still has a chance to be in the twilight saga … in Breaking Dawn Part Two!


  3. ATMzie Says:

    i think she could be maggie!


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