Melissa Rosenberg: Breaking Dawn Screenplays are ’80%’ Complete

August 30, 2010

breaking-dawn-coverMTV talked to Twilight Saga screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg at the Emmys last night, who revealed she was roughly 80% with the screenplays, saying:

They’re coming along. I just flew in last night from working with Bill Condon, prepping the scripts. They’re a lot of work. But we’re intent on making them the best scripts yet. … 80%? It’s hard to say because there’s still more to go, but I hope…maybe 75? (laughs)

She also revealed that the sequence she’s having the most trouble with is the climactic battle:

The final battle sequence is a big challenge. Because it lasts twenty-five pages. It’s an entire three-act story in and of itself. So you have to really track [it, and] you have to keep it interesting, [since] it’s all one setting and it’s hundreds of characters. So it’s an enormous challenge to choreograph that on the page, and for Bill to choreograph that on the stage. … I’ve written a couple of drafts of it, but Bill and I haven’t actually gotten into it. That’s the next big hurdle. We’re going to sit down with the stunt coordinator and, you know, create the ballet.

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