Eclipse Costume Designer Talks Deleted Scene

July 9, 2010

nikki-reedWhat kind of deleted scenes might we expect The Twilight Saga: Eclipse‘s DVD release to contain?  In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the movie’s costume designer, Tish Monaghan, revealed that some cool-sounding elements of Rosalie’s back story got cut from the movie:

Unfortunately in the film, we only see her arriving at the door [in her wedding dress].  I’m not sure why the scene with her floating down the hallway was cut out — maybe it’s because the element of surprise had a stronger impact. They didn’t want us to know in advance who was coming to the door. But we made a silk train for her that floated down the hallway as she kind of hydroplaned down the carpet. [Actress Nikki Reed] was mounted on a contraption, almost like a bicycle seat, and the camera was in front of her and to the side, and she just went whoooooooosh. She was rolled down the hallway at quite the speed and a fan would blow up her veil so that it was trailing behind her. It looked wonderful.”

I’d love to see that!  Vampire Bride Rosalie was one of the coolest parts of Eclipse.

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One Response to “Eclipse Costume Designer Talks Deleted Scene”

  1. Amy W. Says:

    i really hope that will be on the dvd 4 the deleted scenes.


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