Awesome New Eclipse Cullens Poster!

May 21, 2010

We know and love them already, but even so, the Cullen family’s new Twilight Saga: Eclipse poster is pretty sweet.  Love the angle and the way they incorporate the logo.  Although Emmett’s looking a little broodier than usual, isn’t he?


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8 Responses to “Awesome New Eclipse Cullens Poster!”

  1. Nikita Says:

    why does jaspers hair change in each film???
    totally gunna buy this poster !!! x


  2. Jill Says:

    Edward looks awesome in this movie! And the poster is the best so far.


  3. Steve F. Says:

    I’m sorry this comment is about a different thread. The hostess asked about the scene Ashley Greene hinted at between Alice and Jasper. You have to believe it’s where Jasper shows Bella why she needn’t worry about Alice in a fight. It was a fave moment in the book for me, and I would be kinda disappointed if it wasn’t in the film. Also, I really hope they show Rosalie’s back-story, esp. how she kills Royce. Hee-hee.


  4. Nidhi Says:

    Edward looks so good! (Is there anything new?)


  5. Bree Says:

    Omg the best 1 yet its awesome! I just got Midnight screening tickets! AAHHH YAYA!


  6. Kaylee Says:

    It is the best one yet! I think I like this one more than I do the Riley one! Lol. The Cullens look pretty good in Eclipse! :)


  7. Nina J Moran Says:

    yiish, niki looked so old! like 40 or something. sorry dear, somebody kill the digital imaging people!


  8. Page Says:

    Awesomeee Looks GREAT!!!


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