Rumors About Eclipse Reshoots Are False

April 15, 2010

twilight-saga-eclipse-cullensYesterday, Canadian gossip site Lainey Gossip posted a rumor claiming that The Twilight Saga: Eclipse will reshoot “key scenes” within the next few weeks and that Summit was considering sidelining David Slade in favor of one of the earlier directors, Chris Weitz or Catherine Hardwicke.

But don’t worry.  It’s not true.

As Hitfix and a few other sites confirmed, Slade isn’t fired and entire scenes don’t need to be reshot.  Instead, the director will go to Vancouver in a few weeks to film some pick-ups, meaning little things he’s figured out he still needed while editing the film — reaction shots, reworked dialogue, etc.

Today, Slade seemed to joke about the rumors, saying:

In London overseeing the film score with Mr Howard Shore and enjoying all the gossip flying around. Onwards to the Eclipse!!

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