Alex Meraz Talks Eclipse and David Slade

April 5, 2010

Alex MerazIn a recent red carpet interview, Alex Meraz — a.k.a. the wolf pack’s Paul — talked a lot about filming The Twilight Saga: Eclipse and what it was like to work with David Slade:

David Slade is very technical … He always has a camera himself and takes pictures of everyone.  Really awkward closeups … He was fun, he was a cool guy.  He had a different view of what he wanted to do, which was fun for us as actors, but he definitely stayed true to what Eclipse is.

When the interviewer asked if it was tough adjusting to a new director, Alex said:

I feel more for him, not for us.  For him, he’s like a father who has to adopt children.  Because there was a certain amount of the cast that he hand-picked to play, and then there was us.  So he really trusted that we knew our characters and we knew what we were doing.  So he kind of let us do our thing.  But he’s the director, so if he didn’t like what we were doing, he was like, nope, let’s try it like this.

Finally, he was asked how Slade compared to New Moon director Chris Weitz:

I think in a way, he felt more like a filmmaker, where Chris was more of a director.  David Slade was so worried about like every component, like the special effects, the camera, the lighting — he has lots of hats, you know, he’s not just kicking back or just looking at what the actors are doing…he was so smart and so well-versed.

You can check out the full interview here.

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