Eclipse Costume Designer Speaks Out

March 16, 2010

twilight-saga-eclipse-edward-bella-new-photoMTV just came out with a great interview with Tish Monaghan, who worked as the costume designer on The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.  Tish confirms that you can see Bella wearing an engagement ring at points in the trailer, and offers some other interesting tidbits:

“Rob only wore the suit in the last film because of a continuity theme,” the costume designer explained. “He wore it for Bella’s party, and then he never changed. In ‘Eclipse,’ he is back at school, and dressing generally, more casual and more relaxed.” …

Back when we interviewed Tish about the threads from “New Moon,” she said there was a distinct reason Taylor Lauther always looked to be almost busting out of his shirts with his biceps — “We tailored his t-shirts so they showed off his muscles,” she said at the time.

So now that Jacob “understands his body,” his tops (above he’s in a GAP shirt and Levi jeans) must be a size up right? Nope! Because “only two weeks has passed in time between ‘New Moon’ and ‘Eclipse’.”

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2 Responses to “Eclipse Costume Designer Speaks Out”

  1. Rose Says:

    I love the twilight saga and I love everything about it!!!!!!!!


  2. angel Says:

    Can u please please please with cherry’s on top get some pictures of bella’s ring , up close? I am dieing to know what it looks like.


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