What Would Chris Weitz Cut from New Moon?

March 3, 2010

edward-bella-running-new-moonThe Twilight Saga: New Moon director Chris Weitz just did an interview in anticipation of the movie’s upcoming DVD release, and revealed that there’s at least one thing he wishes he could do differently:

When you go back and watch it again, are there things you’d like to change if you could?

I would like to never have shot Rob and Kristen running through the forest and Kristen’s just turned into a vampire. Because everybody always laughs and it makes me feel terrible. [Laughs] I would have shot it a different way so it wouldn’t get that response. But otherwise, I’m very happy with things.

Well, it’s true — in the theater I was in, at least, people did laugh at that scene.  Do you agree that it should’ve been changed or did you like it the way it was?

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7 Responses to “What Would Chris Weitz Cut from New Moon?”

  1. Dede Hale Says:

    Yes at the begining its funny because they look rather comical… but when you think about it its quite a good seen because you actually see bella as a vampire and it confirms what wev’e been thinking she would look like… I agree too, that he should have done like the book, her and alice… but dont feel bad, its still a great scene.


  2. drew Says:



  3. drew Says:

    Damon becuse he is hotter


  4. Victoria Says:

    i would not cut anything out of the film. i would leave it just the way it is


  5. mommadeveau Says:

    I would have done it just the way Alice had seen it in the book. Her and Bella walking side by side with the sun shining on them both.


  6. Maria João Pola Says:

    agree that it should’ve been changed, because every time that i’ve seen the movie (8 times) i get the feeling that the begining of that scene it’s always kinda goofy though that i love the end when she **sparkles**. ;o)


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