Vampire Diaries Update!

September 28, 2009

vampire-diariesVampire Diares is heating up quickly, and we are loving it! The plot is taking twists and turns that surprise even us. So, does Damon really have a shred of humanity left in him? Will he make a real play for Elena’s love or will he leave her alone? Well, she does have that trusty vervain necklace going now, so the powers of persuasion aren’t taking her anywhere.

So guys, are we on team Stephan or Team Damon????

Oh how we love a great love triangle…Check out the webcam Vid below! 


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2 Responses to “Vampire Diaries Update!”

  1. John Colins Says:

    Watch Season 1 Episode 4 – Family Ties

    Elena and Stefan go to the town’s annual Founder’s Party. Vicki wants Tyler to take her to the party. Damon tells Elena about the history of the Salvatore’s. Stefan tries to cut Damon out of his life.


  2. brittany Says:

    i think you should read the books. it won’t ruin the tv show for you. they are completely different! but both excellent.


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