The Vampire Diaries vs. Twilight Saga Controversy

September 18, 2009

There is some new vampire competition on the horizon and fans are up in arms.  Hey guys-Joslyn Davis here in Beverly Hills talking about how Twi-fans are reacting to the CW’s new show “Vampire Diaries.” So did the show rip off Twilight or are angry viewers really entirely uninformed? It is time to set the record straight!  We’re breaking down the Twilight-Vampire Diaries story right now on ClevverTV!  Watch the video below for more!

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67 Responses to “The Vampire Diaries vs. Twilight Saga Controversy”

  1. Mrs. Salvatore Says:

    Maybe the shows are similar. The vampire falls in love with a human and she gets turned into a vampire. A love triangle happens just like in Twilight, but VD has way more suspense and better plot lines. I am hooked on the show! But, the characters may be arguably similar.
    -Edward and Stephen look a like
    -Elena (although way prettier) is similar to bella. Falls in love with a vampire, part of a love triangle
    -Tyler and jacob look almost exactly alike and they’re are both the hot werewolves
    Other than that the VD is a lot better. And Stephen, Damon, and Tyler are way hotter than Edward or Jacob. Taylor Laughtner looks like an alpaca.


  2. Steph Says:

    i have seen both twilight and vamp diaries and i will have to say that twilight SUCKS i mean come on u can telll staright out how original v.d is because of all the background.. i also like how in v.d they show the tranformaiton of an actual wolf vs dumb retarted twilight come on wen taylor turn inot a wolf its jst liek run nd thats it ..why cant they show how it really is.stephanie sure had a chance to read these books and im sure she got some of the ideas from these book i would give all the props to vampire diaries


  3. katykate Says:

    hah..wid all the “who copied who” thing..its a total “boo” com on guys havent we watched both twilight and vampire diaries..can we find anything so “coppy caat-ed”??????????NO….so stop the bullshit and sitback enjoy both the vampire “shows”….SIMPLE as that…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. Shivansh Sareen Says:

    the vampire diaries is a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooootttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt better than the gayish twilight


  5. me Says:

    i’ll stand by my salvatores.

    when edward left, bella let her world fall apart and refused to date anyone. Elena can stand up to boys (she broke up with stefan and told him she couldn’t be with him) and was fine. Elena all the way.

    And katherine pierce would kick anyone in twilight’s ass.

    damon salvatore is like a million times – no more than that- hotter then edward. so is stefan.

    when twilight came, i did NOT want to be a grey, ugly, sparkles in the sun with no fangs vampire. when vd came, i wanted to be one so frickin bad and still do.

    come on, people. vampire diaries vamps have FANGS.

    once again, i’ll stand by my salvatores.



    Vampire Diaries is so much better than the movie, Twilight, not only because Damon Salvatore is in it aha but because of all the plots that keep the show going and all the cliffhangers. Twilight, on the other hand, is almost too annoying with the central theme revolving around Edward and Bella – neither which are good looking btw. In TVD, we have DAMON, Stefan, Elijah, Klaus, and Elena, who is way prettier that Kristen Stewart – she is SO annoying anyway.


  7. Alex Says:

    TVD is much better than twilight ever will be!


  8. john Says:

    vampire diaries is way better than this twilight shit.
    the action in vampire diaries is much better with the eye thing and the fangs. also Bella does not look as hot as elena and edward looks like they put flour on his face, poor guy.


  9. Cass Says:

    For those who say Stephanie Meyer copied L J Smith, they should know that the myth about vampires goes back centuries before either woman existed. Of course Stephanie Meyer’s seris is similar to Ms. Smith’s. Both are about vampires. You could lock two different people who had never met before in separate rooms and tell them to write a love story involving vampires and I promise you both stories would be VERY similar. So stop saying S.M. copied LJS. She didn’t copy her. She just wrote about a similar topic.


    • VangelicSiren Says:

      Ah yes Stephanie Meyer did!! She technically copied the entire story line!! When she realized that would be plagiarism she tried to change it up and created some rubbish about vampire babies!!! Really vampire babies!!! How do you explain how vampires can have babies with humans?? Stephanie Meyer didn’t!! If a vampire came to me it could have babies I would laugh in face because vampires are dead and have no blood and that’s why they are so cold to the touch and cannot create sperm!!
      T.V.D backs up what they say and when they decide to go into the realm of unbelievable they still back it up!! So I think T.V.D is the better series with a more believable story line and more action than Twilight!


  10. nicole Says:

    i love the vampire diaries better than twilight


  11. Gifty Says:

    k i usually hate writing on these things cause i think people have better things to do…but this one really needs to be said. vampire diaries is way better, i know a lot of people say that , but its nothing like twilight.twilight sucks, it has bad acting and actors, edward is cold, sparkles, overly protective, has trust issues, looks constipated in every scene,he doesnt really portray a real vampire, i mean what vampire sparkles in the sun, vampires are suppose to burn and die in the sun not sparkle, also they dont read minds, and he has no chemistry with bella. twilight is all about bella and edward, theres hardly any controversies in the book, maybe a little conflict between bella, edward and jacob, but its still pretty black and white, and we already know who shes going to end up with, theres no mystery. edward doesnt even really fight for her, he just gives in and leaves, but then is all malodramatic and hurt and basically tries to commit suicide…um drama king!
    vampire diaries is all about suspense, its not all about elena and stefan, and sure theres a love triangle in that one, but its not black and white on who she’s actually going to end up with in the end. and elena has friends that she cares about, and she’s selfless unlike bella who cares about nothing but herself. all in all vampire diaries is more realistic in the sense when it comes to vampire stories, way better characters, way better acting, at least the main characters dont breath heavily or sound like they’re having an orgasm every time the make out. AWAKARD!


  12. jamie and daneil Says:



  13. Miss Salvatore Says:

    Vampire diaries is soooooooooooo much better than twilight!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m not gunna go into the who copied who business but vampire diaries is sooooo much better and Stefan Salvatore is the hottest guy walking this earth!!


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