New Photos From This Weekend’s “Jessie” & “Good Luck Charlie”

January 16, 2013


It’s a weekend full of guest stars on Disney Channel!

On a new episode of “Jessie” on Friday, NBA star Chris Bosh comes to town and he’s in for a crazy time. In “Say Yes to the Messy Dress,” Jessie offers to introduce the kids to NBA All-Star Chris Bosh, who’s in town to play one of Luke’s favorite local basketball teams at the park. Determined to make sure his beloved team wins the game, Luke steals Bosh’s lucky socks, which the superstar hasn’t washed since the 10th grade. But after Bosh discovers the socks have been washed, he is convinced he’ll never dunk again. Meanwhile, a famous designer sends Emma a dress to review on her fashion vlog. However, things get complicated when Jessie accidentally damages the dress. Tune in FRIDAY, JANUARY 18 (8:30-9:00 p.m., ET/PT).

Then, tune in Sunday for a new episode of “Good Luck Charlie” guest starring Coco Jones. In “All Fall Down,” Spencer gets the opportunity to start college in Boston a semester early, and Teddy encourages him to go, not realizing how hard a long distance relationship can be. Meanwhile, Amy starts an online mommy blog, and Bob accidentally releases termites into the house. Be sure to watch SUNDAY, JANUARY 20 (8:00 PM – 9:00 PM ET/PT), on Disney Channel.

Photos: Adam Rose & Ron Tom/Disney Channel

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