Exclusive Pics from Sunday’s “Austin & Ally” & “Dog With a Blog”

November 8, 2012


Get ready for some music and fun on this week’s new episodes of “Austin & Ally” and “Dog With a Blog.” Check out these awesome exclusive photos!

First up on Sunday is a new episode of “Austin & Ally” at 8pm titled “Crybabies & Cologne.” Trent (Trevor Jackson) is back and he asks Ally to write him a song so he can become famous like Austin, however, when they find out Trent stole the song he overheard Austin and Ally working on, the gang must find a way to right the wrong.(DISNEY CHANNEL/BRUCE BIRMELIN)

Then get ready for family and dog antics at 8:30pm with a new episode of “Dog With a Blog.” In “Dog with a Hog,” Avery volunteers Stan to be the school mascot in order to get in good with the cheerleaders but when Stan gets kidnapped by the rival team, Avery kidnaps their mascot in hopes that it will bring Stan back.

Photos: Bruce Birmelin/Disney Channel

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