Exclusive: Sabrina Bryan Chats “Dancing With The Stars”

August 8, 2012


“Dancing With The Stars” is gearing up for its 13th season and is pulling out all the stops.

While featuring an array of stars from past seasons, this “All-Star” season of the celeb dancing competition is still looking to fill its last spot! We chatted with one of the Viewer’s Choice spot hopefuls and season 5 alum, Sabrina Bryan!

The former Cheetah Girl shares why she hopes to get another chance at the Mirrorball trophy and explains how she would do things different this time around.

Q: So if you win the Viewer’s Choice spot, this would be your second time on the show —- Why do you want to do it again?

A: Well the first time I left during week 6 so I really didn’t get a chance to you know, go the full way. A lot of my fans were really disappointed with me leaving so early and the second round is really for them. I mean, they really rallied behind me when I left so early last time and made enough noise at ABC and at “Dancing With The Stars” that they actually had Mark and I come back during the last season to perform on it again — and we were promoting the tour but I really don’t think without their support that I would have actually been able to get back and dance. They also voted me back for Design to Dance in the past and they were really just disappointed that I left early so I really want to come back for them and really just dance the season for them and have a second chance at that Mirrorball.

Q: You also have experience hosting the backstage portion of the show, do you think that will give you an advantage if you get chosen?

A: You know, actually really nothing that can prepare you for the show — especially this all-star season. Everyone’s going to be like “uhhh” because it’s probably not going to be the same challenges and I’m sure they’ve got tons of things up their sleeves to really mix it up and make it not a breeze in the park for anyone. The only thing that might be an advantage because I have been there — I did it for four seasons and every single season — you know, for me I know what they’re probably going to do but they always switch it up at that show and they always make it new and fresh. The only thing I have as an advantage is to know that’s not the best way to think about it because that’s definitely not going to be the case.

Q: Is there anything you would do differently this time?

A: Yeah; last time Mark and I — it was his first season on the show and obviously I had never been on the show either — we were both kind of learning and this season I will have the advantage that all the other celebrities on my season did with having someone who’s really experienced with the show. Definitely if I got paired back with Mark — it’d be the same thing. He didn’t have any answers that I didn’t have. We were just so focused on that mirror ball trophy — that was what we were thinking about the whole time — winning, winning the whole thing. For me, if I did something different it would be taking things week by week and not worrying about getting to the finals but just thinking about getting to next week because I obviously know from experience that next week is not a guarantee.

Q: Would you like to be partnered with Mark again? Or is there anyone else you’d like to be partnered with?

A: I’d obviously love to be partnered with Mark again just because we already have that natural chemistry and that natural ability — well not natural but the work we already put in from our season before. He knows what choreography looks good on me and he knows how to push me and you know, a coach learns their student. So we wouldn’t have to go through that training however every single pro on the show is amazing; their choreography is great. That’s what’s so awesome about “Dancing With The Stars” and why they have so many fans is their pro’s know what they’re doing so I would take any of them — I just really want to get out on that dance floor.

Q: Do you have any message for your fans and why they should vote for you?

A: Well I hope that they know I’m doing lots of fun campaign stuff that we’re about to release out into the media and that basically they’re wanting this so badly — my main reason is for them. I want to prove that all that support they’ve put behind me in the past and I know the support and love they’re doing for me now is for a reason and I appreciate it so much and I’m definitely going to dance this entire season for them.

If you guys want to see Sabrina Bryan on Season 13 of “Dancing With The Stars” be sure to Click Here and vote!
You’ll get 5 votes each day and voting ends on 8/24/12 at 12:00PM PT!

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  1. Donna C Says:

    Thanks Sabrina! Hopefully everyone is voting, and we can get you back out there to see your amazing dancing!!


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