“Let It Shine” Rap Battle Edition Premieres June 30

June 28, 2012


Did you love “Let It Shine”? Do you wish you could sing along with the movie? Saturday is your lucky day!

Fans can now dive into the hip-hop scene and test their poetic flow during the telecast event of “Let It Shine – Rap Battle Edition,” premiering Saturday, June 30 at 7:30pm on Disney Channel. Lyrics from the movie’s songs, featuring a mix of rap, hip-hop and gospel music performed by stars Tyler James Williams, Coco Jones and Brandon Mychal Smith, will appear on screen throughout the telecast.

DisneyChannel.com/LetItShine has everything fans need to stage their own rap battles, including printable lyric and music sheets. Additionally, Comcast customers can go to WATCHDisneyChannel.com or download the WATCH Disney Channel app for iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch to watch the full Rap Battle Edition live from their favorite device.

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29 Responses to ““Let It Shine” Rap Battle Edition Premieres June 30”

  1. Lish Says:

    Bling singz twat.cyrus not bad!


  2. Britney curtis Says:

    I got a good voice and I’m going on britains got talent soon not so good at rapping as you guys are I love the rap battle I might be a bus boy but you just got severed love that part xx


  3. Courtney McGowan Says:

    I personally love Let it Shine i love Coco Jones she is amazing at singing i wish i was that good hopefully their will be a let it shine 2 someday :) xx


  4. rap master Says:

    whats up every bodyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy


  5. Kaleem Says:

    Moment of truth is better than don’t run away


  6. Emma Says:

    most of my fiends are sooo confident but me im just a shy girl some of them show of mainly in school i watch them i sing along but just the other day i found out that ive got a hell of a loud vocie you know like Perrie of little mix or coco jones i just thought wow now sorry if being abit over the top but im just telling the truth thanx for listinin


  7. raghav Says:

    this is the best movie ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  8. mahbur Says:

    ill beat any won
    know won can beat me


  9. rap king Says:

    ill beat any1 in a rap battle


  10. Gemma Says:

    I’ll go against anyone


    • ahsan Says:

      i can beat eny 1 who comes in my way im so good i`ll make sure u go home cyring to your mommy i`ll beat emenem i`ll beat cyrus i`ll beat chris i`ll beat bling i`ll beat roxie like i said im gonna beat eny 1 in my way


    • Emma Says:

      sooo then you wud go against a i dont know a celebraty


  11. miah Says:

    wot is rong with u people i luved the movie so much i wanna explode i could sit there and watch the movie over and over again i get so emotional with movies like this which is y i luv it so beat a response like mine lol


  12. shyguy Says:

    i loved let it shine i wish people could hear me but no one listens


    • Emma Says:

      hi i know how you feel im quit shy i will sing butttt wen i do knowone listins too me i will explode in my bedroom to any song but wen it cums to the stage i freak out i wish i was like other people !!!!!!!!


  13. danny Says:

    the movie was quiet good and it shows that anyone can be a rapper if they work realy hard and focus like ‘cyrus’ did.


  14. leah Says:

    i thought the film was amazing but i will not beat any off them singing


  15. Shay Says:

    super adorable. I loved it.


  16. Shay Says:

    This movie was super adorable, I absolutely loved it. Tasteful and artistic. Yes, I loved it.


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