The X-Factor U.S.A.’s Drew Ryniewicz Vs. Demi Lovato

November 23, 2011


One of the X-Factor U.S.A.’s top break-out artists, Drew Ryniewicz, first caught our attention with her jaw-dropping and unique cover of Justin Bieber’s song “Baby.” And even Simon Cowell is an open supporter of Drew!

Last night she hit the X-Factor stage to take a stab at covering another artist we love, Demi Lovato. In a video montage that aired before Drew hit the stage, the exceptionally talented teenager dedicated her performance to her own real-life best friend. Her rendition of Demi Lovato’s inspiring track was utterly goose-bump inducing and during her critique, LA Reid respectfully said that he didn’t think the song was age-appropriate for her, but Drew stood up for herself big-time, and she had the audience behind her 100 percent.

Simon Cowell called LA’s comments “rubbish,” and things got pretty heated. Now we want your opinion. Take a look at Drew’s cover and Demi’s original below and let us know what you think of the two versions head-to-head.

Drew’s Version:

Demi’s Original:

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14 Responses to “The X-Factor U.S.A.’s Drew Ryniewicz Vs. Demi Lovato”

  1. lol Says:

    in vocals demi’s better with out a doubt, but if you look at the passion drew had when she sang the song that just makes her performens.
    to bad she didn’t hit the high note :(


  2. Dazznelle Says:

    First of all, we are comparing two very different people, different singers. I would like to give Drew credit for singing this song; trust me, it’s not that easy to sing. But, I have to agree with LA, I don’t think Drew had the right vocals for this song. I know it meant a lot to her, but there were other songs that could have fit her passion and singing style. Also, Demi is a award-winning singer, Drew is just starting out and becoming an amazing singer, but everyone will have their haters, it will just make you stronger. Personally, I don’t think this was the right song to sing about your best friend, this song will have different meanings to everyone, but I think this song is more about finding yourself and not letting other people “tear me down, I will rise from the ground.” I don’t think it is necessarily about friendship. Either way, there will be haters and drew fans and lovatics,so this is a message to Drew. Good Job for staying strong for what you believe, but sometimes in this society, you have to look at reality and pick a song that will help you win. Go Drew and Demi!


  3. Kyndell Says:

    I thought Drew’s version was ok but I think what makes Demi’s amazing is the emotion and that she can hit those high notes.


  4. Traci Mead Says:

    I like Drew’s version better! The tone of her voice


    • SB Says:

      i think both versions are good but they shouldn’t be thinking about comparing demi lavatos voice with hers they r different (kinda??) so if it is REALLY written for Kerli then so what if she dedicated it to her best friend ???? demi lavatos voice is better but maybe its not even her song im confused ????


      • John Says:

        The song isnt originally Demi’s song, but after Demi’s rehab stint, and problems with bulimia, and cutting, and Demi used this song to make it through her problems. I did enjoy both versions, but Demi is always gonna be better, to me at least.


  5. dj Says:

    Wel you can to compare these to videos. First one is live and mixed very badly vs a studio cut version. two the song was writen for Demi not Drew and they both have different voice. I think they both are good


    • Jay Says:

      The song WASN’T written for Demi. It was written for an artist named Kerli (by Kerli and 2 other writers) for Kerli’s album but Kerli gave it to Demi because Demi was so connected to it.


  6. Gabby Says:

    I like Demi’s version better. It conveys more emotion. I like Drew’s, too, but Demi’s is more personal.


  7. Peter Rush Says:

    What is the point of comparing a live version with a studio perfected version?


  8. Kiara Says:

    Horrible. Horrible. Horrible. The high note makes the song!!


  9. Lilyann Schultz Says:

    Not that good, but it wasn’t unbearable. DEMI for sure, I don’t know why they are comparing?


  10. Annabelle Wong Says:

    She didn’t hit the high note.


    • jazmyne Says:

      no she did not shut the hell up i don’t like u ok get off this wedsite right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!be 4 i call the cops go kiss a girl if u have 2………


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