Ian Somerhalder: The Vampire Diaries’ Katherine is ‘Out of Her Mind’

September 29, 2010

THE VAMPIRE DIARIESIn Ian Somerhalder’s recent interview with MTV on The Vampire Diaries, he explained that Katherine (played by Nina Dobrev, who also plays good-girl Elena) will be the driving force of this season in much the same way Damon, Ian’s own character, was last season:

She’s wreaking havoc, man. She’s the cornerstone for that havoc. She’s the Damon of last year, so I don’t see her going anywhere. She’s a major catalyst for a lot … Before, when Damon came to town there was a cause and an effect, and anything he did there was a ripple effect throughout the entire town basically, and now that’s all on Katherine. It’s a dangerous proposition. It really is.

He also mentions that he’s very interested to know what her motives are:

You know what, she’s doing whatever she’s doing out of whatever reason. I don’t even know. It could be for love, it could be for survival, it could be vengeance. I actually don’t know. When we do find that out, I’m very much look forward to that.

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