The Vampire Diaries – ‘Ghost World’ Episode Photos & Preview

October 19, 2011

Ghost World

We’ve got the scoop on a brand new episode of the CW’s blood-sucking hit show The Vampire Diaries, called ‘Ghost World’. As the name for this particular ep would suggest, the ghosts are set to play a big role and as the pictures reveal, Anna will be back in a big way. We’re taking a look at three new photos featuring Anna and Jeremy in what looks to be a very serious discussion. So far we don’t have many details about this interaction, but we do hear that Elena will convince Jeremy to use his new supernatural powers to find a new way to reach out to Stefan, and this interaction will reportedly lead Jeremy to make a terrible choice. In ghost-driven scoop, we’ve also learned that Damon will have a violent encounter with an angry spirit, and he’ll be calling upon Bonnie to help him figure out how the spirit has so much power.

We got the dish from TVD insider Robyn Ross from TV Guide, who tells us that Bonnie and Matt made a mistake somewhere, and now the balance is off. She dishes “when Matt enabled Vicki to come back last week, it also meant that every other ghost could return, too.” She adds that this week’s episode will see a return by Mason, as well as Pearl, Lexi and Grams! And here’s some killer scoop…Robyn says “He won’t be around past tomorrow’s episode.”

Check out the photos & preview clips below, and don’t forget to check out our exclusive chat with TV Guide reporter and TVD expert Robyn Ross for some big season 3 predictions!

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4 Responses to “The Vampire Diaries – ‘Ghost World’ Episode Photos & Preview”

  1. shehan Says:

    Hey! it’s awesome TV show & I would like to give a thought that Bonnie will not gonna Die because anyone can’t reach her because of her extraordinary powers! i think in very soon Elijah will come back & Elena trying to rescue Stephan from Klaus & Michael will turn over a new era of this massive TV show!

    I can’t wait for a new Episode! I Love Vampire Diaries & It’s now a part of My Life!


  2. lilly Says:

    Damon can not die! Damon can not die! Damon can not die!


  3. Jayme Says:



  4. Chantalle Fetterly Says:

    I just love The Vampire Diaries! I always look forward to Thursday! I can’t wait for a new episode! There is no way Catherine can die! Maybe it wasn’t a good idea to set a vampire killer on the loose….


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